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What is Pain Muzik?

That’s the sound of our music that enlightens you with Powerful Artistic Influential Noise better known as P.A.I.N. Muzik! A feeling of triggered emotions felt through the concept of our musical productions.

We’re a music production service hailing from Houston, Texas aka H-Town that is quickly taking over the forefront of online music production services. Starting with humble beginnings, founder and CEO Scooppa used his gift as a Sound Mix Engineer/Producer/DJ Host to work his way with talent like DJ. King Assassin, William Dinero, DJ Hypnotize aka The HZA, $tacks, Michael G. Gong, Ink Monstarr, Prime Status, Ocho Cero Ocho, Frankie G Da Mex, Estilo Fino Music, Legit Noise Ent, Carlos Corleone, and many others. After being recognized for our vocal recording, mixing & mastering capabilities, Scooppa expanded his vision into a dedicated team of engineers, producers, songwriters, promoters, marketers, and everything else in between.

PainMuzik became more than just a one-stop shop for signed and unsigned talents. Scooppa’s PainMuzik works with independent rappers, singers, producers, and songwriters from all around the world in person or online, specializing in reggeaton, Latin trap, hip-hop, RNB, dance hall, tropical dance, trap, and urban music production.

Today, PainMuzik is being recognized as a premier brand for everything music-wise and has expanded outside of Houston, Texas, into San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Los Angeles, Louisianna, New York, Puerto Rico other parts of the United States, and even other countries.

We take pride in the value of our work, by offering the careful attention needed to you, our clients. Our producers/artists have worked with some big names in the industry, but share a strong passion for the hungry independent artist who is serious about getting their material out to the masses. So what are you waiting for, Let’s make that next big hit together!!

Our goal is to serve and inspire rappers, singers, and songwriters globally, with tools and resources they can use to find freedom and fulfillment within their careers, respectively. PainMuzik does this by providing access to industry-quality content, without the traditional industry gatekeeping. Moreover, the team is constantly looking for new talent to work with and is inspired by the sounds of today’s and tomorrow’s music.

We want to thank everyone for your motivation and support that stuck with us throughout the years…

Stuck on coming up with lyrics?
Need a Co-Writer with Multi-Talented Songwriting skills, we got you!

Want to Collaborate?
Need one of the artists we worked with to fill in on your next song or project? You know what to do, get in contact with us today!

Mixing & Mastering or Vocal Recording Services:
If you’re an independent rapper or singer who already has their music in mp3/wav formats or stemmed wav trackout files but needs to be recorded, mixed, or mastered then we help you make your passion a reality. Need that radio-ready sound but don’t want to pay high prices? Give us a shot and listen to the difference we can make in your song or track!

Need Pre-Made Beats or Custom-Made Ones?
Hear what we’re about! If you need instrumental beats we specialize in the production of customized beats, and pre-made beats with the utilization of professional industry-recognized DAWS, and hardware all ready for you to get into the zone!  Don’t forget to make an offer on any Exclusive Stem Trackout Beats! Whether there is a price or not, we can always come to a negotiation or agreement to help you make that next big HIT!!!

Just remember we’re always a big supporter of independent acts, producers, and labels and we’re always open to submissions from anyone out there who’s willing to collaborate and take their craft to the next level…

Send us a message on our contact page 24hrs/7days a week or text us: +1 (713) 322-0788 anytime, serious inquiries only thanks…

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